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Tiger 2000 | Terms and conditions of NEO TIGER Ltd.

Terms and Agreements

1. General conditions of the e-shop

The use of the e-shop of "NEO TIGER" EOOD with address, hereinafter referred to as E-shop and of the goods and services offered in it by "NEO TIGER" EOOD, constitutes recognition, acceptance and consent that the Customer / the user, called for short User will be bound by these conditions, regardless of whether the use is made on its own behalf or on behalf of another natural or legal person.

The User is obliged, when he does not agree with the general conditions, to stop using this E-shop immediately.

When using this E-shop, the User undertakes to comply with these general conditions, as well as all other conditions laid down by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and international law, even if they are not explicitly mentioned in these conditions.

"NEO TIGER" Ltd. is not responsible if the User has not read and acquainted with these general conditions.

"NEO TIGER" Ltd. reserves the right to change, delete and edit the General Terms at any time, and the relevant changes will be published at the address of the Online Store:

The e-shop and its content, including those published on the e-mail address as well as other intellectual property objects in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act (RTAA) and the EU Regulations, and are protected by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. , The European Union and other international regulations.

The e-shop contains materials, names or trademarks that may be the property of other companies, organizations and associations, and which are also protected by copyright and trademark laws.

The content of the Site may not be used, copied and distributed without the express consent of "NEO TIGER" EOOD.

Any unauthorized use of the content may infringe copyright or other legal provisions. The use of any content other than that which does not contradict these terms and conditions of use without the written permission of the content owner is expressly prohibited.

Your access to this Site and any part of its content may not be construed as the acquisition of licenses or other rights to use the intellectual property, trademarks or trademarks described above or located on the Site without the prior written permission of their owner.

2. Data confidentiality

"NEO TIGER" Ltd. guarantees complete confidentiality of personal data of its customers, declaring that they will not be used for purposes other than their intended purpose, which are as follows:

  • establishing contact with the User when specifying details about the order and / or the ways for its delivery and payment;
  • filling in the data provided by the User when issuing an information form for the client regarding the order;
  • filling in the data provided by the User in an invoice and / or pro forma invoice;
  • use of the Data provided by the User for his registration as a user in the database of NEO TIGER EOOD;
  • filling in the data provided by the User in a warranty card accompanying the purchased product.

3. Consent to purchase

The beginning of the commercial relationship between the consumer and NEO TIGER Ltd. begins with the sending of the order by the consumer, namely: after filling in the required personal or company data, agreeing to the general conditions for purchase and sale of goods and / or services by NEO TIGER Ltd. shop at and press the "send" button.

4. Start of execution of the order

The execution of the order starts from the moment of acquaintance with the order by an employee of the company. If the order is sent on a non-working day for the company or outside working hours, but within the working week, its execution will begin at the beginning of the next working week or on the next working day. In the event of a change in the value of the ordered goods in the period between the sending of the order and its launch, the User pays the goods at the price at which he ordered it.

5. Change or cancel an order

The user has the right to change his order or to cancel it within one hour on a working day, starting from the moment of sending it to an employee of NEO TIGER EOOD. When changing the order, the User is not obliged to purchase goods of the same value as well as goods of the same brand. If an invoice is issued, it is canceled or a credit note is issued. The handover protocol is destroyed. The amount paid is refunded to the User.

6. Delivery

The user receives the ordered goods at the specified delivery address, or from the nearest office of the courier company. At the time of delivery, the consumer receives the goods with an attached invoice, warranty card.

The term for delivery of the ordered goods / services is 5 working days from the date of payment, in case the goods / services are not exhausted from availability and / or have other, explicitly mentioned terms for delivery.

7. Refusal to receive a shipment

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the goods within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, which is mentioned in the documentation of the courier company with which NEO TIGER Ltd. works. The goods must not have a damaged commercial appearance: no missing packaging, documentation, durable media, no operating system installed, no visible scratches on the surfaces of the goods, no missing license stickers and components of the goods.

NEO TIGER EOOD is obliged to reimburse the consumer the full purchase value of the goods no later than 30 days from the date on which the consumer has exercised his right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with CPA Art. 55. para.6.

8. Complaint

Complaints regarding goods purchased by NEO TIGER EOOD are accepted if they are made in a timely manner, and the company undertakes to enter them in the relevant register according to Article 127, paragraph 2 of the CPA.

9. Safety instructions

Before using each item, please read the specific safety conditions attached to the product. In case of non-compliance, NEO TIGER EOOD does not take responsibility for damages and violated warranty due to improper operation of a product purchased from the e-shop.

10. Warranty

The warranty is valid in compliance with the conditions of operation of the product and does not include problems caused intentionally and / or through the fault of the User of the product.

The warranty for the products is in accordance with the warranty periods provided by the manufacturer.